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Posted on February 23, 2011


Source: “In Discussion” hosted by David Gibbons, Co-producer, Patrick J. O’Brien

Ex-oilfield executive of 25 years, now human rights defender Ian Crane stated Friday during Voice America “In Discussion” radio program that the Gulf of Mexico operation was a planned population reduction event. During the program, key Gulf advocates disclosed that over 100,000 Gulf people are already plague victims, hundreds of millions more will be impacted, and BP has paid enormous sums of money to keep Gulf activists from having a voice nationally.

“BP has made sure that activists are not campaigning on a national level. They are keeping them local so the corporate world is not threatened,” Crane told show host, David Gibbons.

Hard-hitting interview comments

With capacity to apply forensic analysis to events that led to Deepwater Horizon’s destruction on April 20, Crane identified the individual ultimately responsible for what transpired in the Gulf, the man who must be required to answer deep and probing questions about his allegiances outside of BP. In a Bloomberg TV interview, this individual was described as a ’32 year old punk’ by Matthew Simmons a few days before found dead in his hot tub.

The Gulf operation exhibits each hallmark of a contrived event and “will have long-lasting and far-reaching impact on lives of up to hundreds of millions of people” according to Crane. He had stated the same in July and since then, has given numerous Gulf catastrophe lectures to Europeans who seem keen to learn about the event than Americans.

Also interviewed by Gibbons was Scientist Wilma Subra, who has been researching the economic and human impact of the Gulf mega-catastrophe. Tens of thousands of residents, 75,000 workers, the fishermen exposed to toxins, and many children are sick – “a very, very large population,” Subra stated.

“It’s getting worse day by day.”

Gulf Plague, or “Gulf Blue Plague,” as coined by Michael Edward, typically includes various respiratory problems, tumors and cardiovascular disease according to Subra who said, “Doctors and staff say they are seeing lots of children with respiratory and skin problems.

“They treat them and they get exposed again and come back for treatment.”

Covertly Hiding Crude, Corexit and Plague with Propaganda and Silence

The third guest on Gibbon’s show, staff scientist and investigative biologist Scott Porter began his career as an oilfield consultant but is now a plague survivor. It began with the “chemical burns” but progressed to chronic irritated kidneys, prostate issues and mucous build-up. Subra tested his blood and found high level of ethylbenzyne, despite having worn a dry suit because “you are still breathing it,” as he explained.

Coastal areas were first impacted by aerosol from the oil slick dispersed by high winds according to Subra. Fishing communities, now sick, had wanted to work for BP but were not trained, not provided protective gear, exposed daily, and are severely injured. They “were made sick every day,” went back to work, and when their wives began to speak out, were told they would be fired if the wives continued telling what was happening.

Corexit is having a “profound effect on soil and air in the Gulf Coast area, and it will travel,” stated Crane, yet “outside the immediate Gulf Coast area, it is a non-event. This is ancient history. You might as well be talking about 911.”

“Some of the terminology does not help!” Crane asserted.

“When did this start getting called an ‘oil spill’? This is not a spill… This is an environmental disaster of enormous magnitude. It will reach far and wide.”

Crane highlighted poisoning occurring through seafood, now with help of the military purchasing 3,000 tons of Gulf seafood for servicemen, also selling in their commissaries.

There was much mainstream media coverage until July when federal agencies and BP announced the oil was gone, but since, Subra explained:

We’ve been left… without any information disseminated by mainstream media. Now, the Coast Guard reports that all the beaches will be OK in a month or two. If that message keeps getting out… we are going to see a huge number of people sick. They will be very, very sick.

There is poor health care. Doctors are not treating the diseases properly. They do not understand the health care needed. We are in a real need of medical care for all these people who are very, very sick.”

Although air quality is still being degraded, it is better than when oil was being burned on the Gulf according to Subra’s testing. If the Gulf oil waste is not being burned, where is it?

Porter said it looks like the Gulf oil waste is being taken to a marsh wetland – where an Indian tribe is.

Adding to the ongoing misery, fisherman are still seeing aerosol spraying flights out of Gulfport nightly – all night long.

Asked about his own health that has deteriorated, Porter said, “I’m personally not receiving any help from medical doctors, but I’m using natural way to get it out of it,” Porter said, adding that he knows others sick with same symptoms he has, but doctors are finding nothing.

Doctors’s are at their wits end because they cannot find anything but they are not looking for VOCs and, according to Porter, it is rumored that doctors have been told not to look for VOCs compounds.

The only active role BP is going to take is pumping more money into keeping people quiet, according to Crane who believes the so-called Behavioral Health Payment, 12 million dollars for claims regarding mental health, needs investigation.

According to Crane, the Gulf operation is a classic example of the corporatist state at work.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this was a contrived event,” he said. “I am completely disgusted with Schlumberger… To this day, Schlumberger has not appeared at hearings. There is a complete shut-down on any information. Schlumberger is worried about not going to get the contracts around the world it wants. Enormous sums of money to keep people quiet. BP will do what it takes to keep it off mainstream media.”

Porter said, “We can’t get anybody to even mention the word Corexit. I believe it’s actually worse for the environment…. There are organisms we can go look for and are not there anymore.”

“You have to mention names and hold these people accountable,” he said.

“It rips my heart out, but this is really a matter of shareholder value,”  said Crane, before making the following points:

  • The Corexit has not only dispersed the slick, it’s sunk it to the bottom. It has created a dead zone.
  • What was gifted to LSU is only a slither of what BP has established to buy up academia right around the Gulf.
  • Long-term effects are certainly known by activists but few others.
  • The smoking gun is to identify beyond any shadow of a doubt what happened on the rig and hold then accountable. Schlumberger has the responsibility to share what they know about what happened before the rig blew.  Instead, the Senate and everyone else has been bought off.
  • The trauma is being spread. Oi – 11.2 part per   parts per million.
  • We will be aware of the impact of this for a long, long time.

“Would I stay [in the Gulf Region] now? Absolutely not,” said Crane, adding, “But I understand that is absolutely not possible for many people now. When it comes to health of your children and grandchildren, there is so much doubt. This whole thing is an experiment.”

Final comments from the group included:

  • The people need all the information available to make their own decisions. They want to be relocated together to not lose the social fabric of community connections.
  • Three Louisiana communities, Venice, Grand Isle, and Cocodrie have been hardest hit by the Gulf operation.
  • “Until accountability is established – there is no hope.”
  • This is a global event. Russians are looking at what happened in the Gulf – trying to cover as much of their land as possible to prevent damage from the oiled Corexit in the air and the water.
  • There is a strong possibility we may be seeing some of the same effects in Europe in the near not too distant future.

“We do live in a wonderful biosphere,” Crane said. “We don’t appreciate the capacity of self-healing. While we have to play our part and could do a lot more, the planet will also play her part. I don’t feel all is lost, but we are certainly not out of the woods.”

Crane has formerly asked the hard-hitting question,  “Are we going to let the lunacy of the New World Order agenda unfold without challenge … or are we going to start taking responsibility for the future of Humanity and our planet?”

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